Debris field from collapsed Rodanthe house expands to 21 miles

RODANTHE, N.C. (WITN) – According to the National Park Service almost all of the debris from the collapse of an oceanfront home in Rodanthe this weekend have been washed away by the tides.

National Seashore employees say that debris from the destroyed home have been spotted on Seashore beaches between the north end of Rodanthe and the south end of Avon, approximately 21 miles away from where the home stood.

According to the National Seashore the owner of the collapsed home was contacted on Saturday March 11 to recommend actions be taken to mitigate threats to Seashore lands and waters. As of Tuesday the Seashore says the owner of the house had not developed a plan to clean up the debris.

National Park Service Employees say they have removed 20 truckloads of debris from the collapsed house off of the beach and that park service employees will continue to clean up debris, and the National Park Service says there may be formal volunteer cleanup opportunities once conditions improve.