Dealing with porch pirates this holiday season

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – The holiday season is in full swing and that unfortunately means watching out for porch pirates.

Even though more homeowners have installed cameras, porch pirates seem to still be on the move with clever ways to not get caught this holiday season.

“Oh yeah, it can happen. The best thing to do is get it in. My neighbor had some stolen, so we try to be on alert for it,” Greenville resident Ronald Andrews said.

It’s a holiday nightmare: porch pirates determined to steal the holiday cheer right off front porches around the country.

According to Safewise, a site that provides online resources to families to help them live a safer life, Americans have lost more than 260,000 packages from November 2021 to November 2022, costing a total of $19 billion.

So how do you prevent it? Andrews says he looks out for his neighbors.

“If our neighbors get a package or we get a package, we try to alert one another so that one of us can pick it up and put it inside until the other one gets home,” Andrews said.

Other tips are to track your packages so you know when they are delivered. All the big delivery companies now offer a tracking service. Some even suggest having your package delivered to an Amazon locker or buying a porch lock box.

One Greenville resident WITN spoke with keeps her theft risk low by working from home and grabbing packages as they are delivered. Thankfully, she says she hasn’t experienced any porch pirates in her area.

“I’ve seen a lot of videos online but thankfully nothing in our neighborhood,” Kimberly Lukhard said.

If your package is stolen experts say you should file a police report and contact the retailer you ordered from to see if they will reimburse you or ship a replacement.