Deadly shooting in Washington has residents taking action

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WITN) – People who live near where a deadly shooting took place in Washington over the weekend are taking action to protect themselves.

Washington police say 52-year-old Eric Whitney Senior was shot and killed at East 8th Street and Charlotte Street on Saturday around 6 p.m.

Bill Waters lives in the area where the shooting happened.

“It was definitely a shock,” Waters described.

Residents like Waters say the neighborhood always felt safe, but the shooting has changed that.

Now, Waters set up two more security cameras around his house for better safety for him and his girlfriend.

“I would be concerned about her safety. I probably would not want her here by herself,” Waters said.

Whitney lived about three minutes away from where he was shot.

Washington Police Chief Phil Chief Rollinson described the area as low-crime and said when officers got to the scene, a bystander was performing CPR.

“In today’s society, you see a lot of people who walk on by or even worse, whip out their phone and record stuff than assisting and we have this person who got involved and tried to save the victim. I can’t say enough about that,” Chief Rollinson shared.

Chief Rollinson added that Whitney died within 30 seconds, after getting transported to the ECU Health Beaufort hospital, but the courage and the quick thinking of the bystander in the face of tragedy is still worth recognizing.

He says they are following leads and expect to have more information about the shooting within the next few days.