DA: Actions of officer shooting dog were “warranted and justified”

KITTY HAWK, N.C. (WITN) – A district attorney says the actions of the officer who shot and killed a dog in Kitty Hawk were “warranted and justified.”

The town Tuesday morning released the results of its internal investigation. The officer, who the dog’s owner said was Robert “Mac” Meador, was placed on administrative leave after shooting the animal on October 1.

The findings detail what happened and back up what we previously reported the town told us. They said the officer went to a call of a dog running loose and “being aggressive towards children” at 4010 Smith Street.

The dog was found to be in violation of Kitty Hawk Town Ordinance 4.2.

The report goes on to say that Meador tried to find the owner. It said, when the officer approached the home, the dog came out from under the house and ran toward him.

The town says Meador tried backing away, but the dog “continued forward in an aggressive manner, biting the officer multiple times.”

There is no body camera footage to back up what happened, however. The dog’s owner, Jonathan Fenton, witnessed the interaction. He previously told us his dog, whom he calls Sage, was not aggressive, nor did she bite the officer. Sage is a Staffordshire Terrier/Lab mix.

The town’s findings said that the officer’s body camera was charging, and he “left it at the police station in his haste to answer the call.” It goes on to say that the officer’s account of what happened is backed up by multiple eyewitnesses and body camera footage from other officers who responded. The report says there is also security camera footage of the dog acting aggressively toward children.

Kitty Hawk police said they have been called to that same address 14 different times for aggressive dogs at large. They said officers have issued several enforcement actions including verbal warnings, written warnings, and state citations.

The town says even after what happened, the department is still getting complaints about the owner’s other dog running around and intimidating neighbors.

Kitty Hawk said Officer Meador is no longer on administrative leave.