Cyberattacks feared as Ukraine and Russia tensions rise

PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – As tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to rise, one of the biggest threats is in the digital world.

Cyberattacks are a big threat in 2022. Ukraine is tasked with maintaining a strong cyber security network to keep out Russian infiltrators. Many attacks can happen locally.

Companies use the internet and technology for most of their work and a cyberattack could negatively affect business.

“That would hurt us tremendously. Right now, the way of life is through the internet,” Derrick Kinsey, a Greenville real estate broker said.

TouchDown Realty, a Greenville-based realty company, has had some bad experiences with cyberattacks toward its clients.

“We’ve had issues with wire transfers. People get emails that are from hackers,” Kinsey said.

What’s even worse is these attacks are getting harder to track.

“There are just so many ingenious ways that they are making it onto our network. They’re hacking printers now,” Joe Thigpen, DataGroup Technologies president and CEO said.

Often, the way that hackers are able to infiltrate is by user mistake.

“The biggest threat today is really our own weaknesses, our own users on our networks,” Thigpen said.

The best way to protect against cyberattacks is to educate people on the issue because, as Thigpen says, “There is no one piece of software or one firewall out there [that] can stop everything.”

Verify who the email is from and if you’re suspicious of the contents, delete the email or contact that person or business.

“Know that you know not to indulge emails and things that are not from us,” Kinsey said.

Be careful about what you click on because it can be difficult to avoid infiltrators.

Businesses have recently seen an uptick in potential hackers so finding secure ways to store information is important.

You can back up information in an extra hard drive or in cloud storage so your information will be safe.

Make sure you do your own research on cyberattacks and what best fits you or your company’s needs in preventing these attacks.

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