Customers of Greenville Utilities are about to see an increase in their electric bills.

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Starting this April, Greenville Utilities (GUC) is raising its rates for electricity by 3.3%. Officials at GUC say the increase is temporary and is a result of what it pays for the power it provides.

GUC purchases electricity from Duke Energy through the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA). Every year Duke Power provides a true-up to recover the actual cost of generating electricity across the 32 members of the NCEMPA.

This year’s true-up is from the cost to generate power in 2022 for the group came in at $53 million, GUC’s share of that is $12.7 million.

Based on the agreement that GUC and the other members have with Duke Energy, GUC has two years to pay their share off.

Based on the number of connections on the system, customers should see around a $3.59 difference on each bill. Once the true-up is paid off the rate will automatically roll off the rate schedule, dropping the $3.59.

According to officials at GUC, even with the increase, GUC rates are 11% lower than in 2013 and will remain 25.8% lower than the average of other local co-ops.