Creekside Elementary students slime sheriff and others

CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) -A Craven County school won a contest and students got the chance to slime their favorite teachers and Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes.

Schools throughout the county competed in a contest called DARE to Slime.

Students at Creekside Elementary School raised just over $3,300, landing them the top spot. Overall, $11,172 was raised across the school system.

The money goes to the DARE program which allows the Craven County Sheriff’s Office to train more resource officers and deputies to be DARE officers, who, among other things, teach kids about why it’s important to steer clear of drugs.

Sheriff Hughes says the kids earned the fun and it was enjoyable to participate. “They almost take too much pleasure in this actually. It helps bridge the gap between law enforcement and some of these kids. They get to see us vulnerable, and know we are here to help protect them and interact with us on a fun level.”

Creekside Elementary won the competition last year as well.