Creamed spinach casserole ranked North Carolina’s favorite

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Next week families will gather around the table to celebrate Thanksgiving, and one company has conducted a survey to learn which casserole will be on the table in each state.

E-conolight used Google Trends search interest over the last year to find which dishes were most popular, and in total found 20 unique casseroles reigned supreme in the U.S.

French toast and green bean casseroles tied for the most states with 9 each, while creamed spinach casserole took second place, and ranked as North Carolina’s most popular casserole.

Four dishes seemed to divide the country with green bean casserole taking the midwest, french toast casserole in the northeast, creamed spinach in the south, and chili casserole claiming the west.

For a full look at the top ranked casserole’s across the country, visit E-conolight’s website.

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