Craven County Sheriff’s Offices welcomes two four legged members to the team

CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Two new members of the Craven County Sheriff’s Office will be paroling the streets soon.

Two-year-old Tia and one-and-a-half-year-old Elliot, both Belgian Malinois, were donated by a nonprofit called Throwaway Dogs Project.

“They’re amazing. We can’t do the job without them,” said Craven County Sheriff’s Office k-9 unit Captain Gary Quick.

Adding to the work the sheriff’s office can do, the deputies’ new furry partners will be by their side, using their noses for good.

“We cannot smell narcotics, you know, like the dogs do. We cannot go into buildings, you know; these dogs go to buildings for us and locate people,” Craven County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit Sergeant Hopper.

Trained by the Global K-9 Protection Services project, one sergeant says the work she sees her dog do as unmatched.

“That phone call from the handler that says this is what my dog just did and this is what my dog just accomplished, and to get to see firsthand how it helps our community and how it helps us even as an agency,” said Sergeant Hopper.

Sergeant Hopper also said these dogs can cost anywhere from $15000 to $25000, so she was thrilled when they found out they would be donated to the sheriff’s office.

Tia and Elliot are the 4th and 5th dogs donated to the Craven County Sheriff’s Office by the throwaway dogs project. The unit has seven K-9s in total.