COVID surge cues changes to New Year’s plans in the East

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Just hours after North Carolina broke the state single day record for COVID cases for the second day in a row, many folks are celebrating the New Year a bit differently.

Instead of hitting the town, many are staying indoors, like Pitt County residents Karen Meza.

Meanwhile Curtis Shackleford plans on going to church tonight

Doctors across the nation are urging others to follow Shackleford’s lead to get their vaccines and boosters as soon as they are eligible.

Today, the state of North Carolina reported 19,174 new cases of the virus. There were 120 new hospitalizations reported overnight.

The death toll across the state since the onset of the pandemic now stands at 19,426 people.

Mostly, people in the East are looking ahead at a fresh start. For Wake County resident Samuel Tyson, that fresh start is a byproduct of masking and vaccination.

Across the United States, 62-percent of the country has been fully inoculated. However, only 33.4-percent of the population is boosted.

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