Corolla Wild Horse Fund announces death of Wild Stallion

Corolla, N.C. (WITN) – Finn, one of North Carolina’s Outer Banks Wild Stallions was euthanized on Saturday morning.

According to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, the 11-year-old stallion had been previously documented for fighting with other horses earlier on Friday morning. After Finn was unable to move Friday night and into Saturday, he was inspected closely and it was obvious that his leg was broken badly. Under the advice of their veterinarian, Finn was captured so his suffering could be ended. There is no suspicion that Finn’s injuries were caused by human means. A statement from their Facebook post reads:

“While it is a devastating loss for those of us who cared for Finn and who will miss him dearly, what happened to him is nature in its most basic, wild, and unforgiving form. Finn died as wild as he was born; he lived a truly free life and that is something we should take comfort in.”

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund wants to remind everyone while going into the Spring and Summer months that these horses are wild. Practicing safety and giving these horses the respect that they deserve is very important.

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