Corolla Wild Horse Fund announces death of 25-year-old mare

COROLLA, N.C. (WITN) – The Corolla Wild Horse Fund announced the passing of Daisy, a chestnut mare on Tuesday.

In the late hours of October 14th, they received a call from bystanders about a horse that was unable and/or unwilling to stand up and move. Due to it being late at night and bad weather, CWHF staff went to the site and administered pain medication until they could relocate Daisy safety in the morning. On the morning of October 15th, CWHF staff and their veterinarian returned to the site and found Daisy standing, but not stable. After transferring her to the farm for testing, they started drawing blood to begin the diagnostic process. Sadly, Daisy passed away in her sleep that night.

The following morning, her body was taken to the state lab in Raleigh for a necropsy. They found signs of chronic cardiac and liver changes along with other indicatives of old age. Nothing was found to suggest acute illness, communicable disease, or toxicity.

CWHF staff said in their Facebook post, “Daisy was one of the more well-known horses on the beach because she was a part of Raymond the mule’s harem for years until he was brought to the farm in 2019. Her distinctive blaze made her recognizable, and was how she got the name Snowcone. She was big and bossy – a chestnut mare through and through. She had to be to keep Raymond in line. We know she had multiple foals over the years, and now that we have her DNA we’ll be able to identify any offspring of hers still in the wild. Daisy certainly lived and died on her own terms, but we’re glad that we were at least able to make her last few hours pain-free. She also got to see her old friend Raymond one last time.”

Rest in peace, Daisy.

For more information about Daisy or the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, visit their website here or their Facebook page here.