Controlled burn planned for Croatan National Forest in Carteret Co. today

CARTERET COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – The United States Forest Service has planned a controlled burn for the Croatan National Forest Monday, affecting a portion of Carteret County.

The Forest Service says today about 672 acres of land in the Croatan National Forest will be burned.

The acreage affected is in Carteret County, specifically located off Nine Mile Road, Gales Creek Road, Sam Hatcher Road, and Croatan Colony Road near the communities along Gales Creek Road and Croatan Colony Road.

Officials say a helicopter will be used to start the burn, and they tell WITN that drones are not allowed in the area during the burning process for firefighter safety.

The Forest Service says controlled burns are done to reduce potential wildfire fuels that have built up on the forest floor and improve forest health by supporting native, fire-adapted species.