Community reacts to the controversy surrounding the viral Kinston police officer video

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) – The man seen in a video being hit and tased by police is speaking out about the encounter.

The video which has sparked outrage on social media and has been shared hundreds of times, shows Kinston police officers on top of Khalil Branch.

People can be heard in the video screaming at offers involved in the encounter.

Another video shows Branch getting tased in a police car.

Branch says he was celebrating that night with the players he coaches. He says what happened to him in front of his mentees was traumatizing.

“We teach our own players if you and an officer are in a predicament just cooperate and just talk don’t trigger so it won’t lead to what happened and I had done just that. Two of my players watched the whole thing and the things I taught them and it didn’t work. They cry themselves to sleep,” Branch said.

Police said that around 11:00 p.m. officers were patrolling in the area of Jack Rountree Housing Complex when officers saw a group of people loitering in the area.

We’re told the officers tried talking to the people while trying to investigate a possible trespassing issue.

Police said they tried to identify one of the people but that he did not comply with the officers’ request.

Police said the officers tried to arrest the man and had to use force.

“Since this, oh my god, you can hear a pin drop. You can hear a rat pee on cotton. You know what I mean, it’s just too quiet but everybody’s scared to come outside. Why should we be afraid?” says Sharon Newborn about the aftermath of the situation.

Branch’s cousin, Dymon Reid, was at the scene when this happened with her great-nephews.

She says although the sight was traumatizing for the adults to witness, the psychological impact on the kids is greater.

“Growing up kids are taught to you know, respect the police and they are here to help us, you are never supposed to treat them this way and that way because when you call, they’re supposed to help but when a child sees something like that, it changes their perspective,” Reid explained.