Community reacts to historical home becoming a total loss due to a fire

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A home that stood for more than 250 years in Beaufort County has now been turned to just ashes and memories.

“I ran outside. The first thing I did was scream because when I looked at it, it was completely engulfed in flames,” said Beaufort County resident Lewellyn Davenport.

The Bellefonte Plantation Home caught fire amid Tuesday night’s storms. Fire crews say it’s a total loss.

Davenport grew up admiring the Robersonville Road home, which was built before 1753 and dates back to the American Revolutionary War.

“Our family owns the farm that’s beside the Hodges farm. That’s what’s up. That’s what that’s called, and ever since I was a little girl, my family would tell stories about that house,” said Davenport.

Stories about significant figures in American history. “Major Redding Blount is who the Daughters of the Revolutions chapter is named after. He was a Revolutionary War hero. He was cited for bravery. He fought in George Washington’s army. He fought at the battle of Guilford Courthouse. When he purchased it in the late 1790s- 1796, I believe he purchased the home, then lived in the home until his untimely death,” said Stephen Farrell, Brown Library Reference Specialist.

The property holds more recent memories for the community, too. The current owners turned it into a venue. Davenport says it was the perfect spot for her wedding.

“By this time, she had done the renovations, she had fixed it, and it was absolutely beautiful, so thankfully, I have pictures of all of the interior and the special parts of it,” said Davenport.

With so many who loved the property, there is a sense of loss now that it’s gone. “We’re gonna feel this void in our community, and all of this history that has now been tragically turned into ashes, and we just feel for the family involved, and we feel for the community,” said Farrell.

According to the Beaufort County Emergency Services Director, no one was in the home when it went up in homes, and there have been no injuries reported.

WITN was told that the fire is still under investigation and the cause is a suspected electrical surge from downed power lines, but that has not been confirmed.