Community celebrates MLK day through volunteer work

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – More than a hundred people from nine different organizations gathered to pick up trash and sticks, trim trees, and clean flooded areas. That is how members of the National Panhellenic Council of Pitt County celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. day. by bettering the community through volunteer work.

“Service is a rent we pay to exist in society and so if I can say anything to anybody, it would simply be to watch your surroundings,” said volunteer Norma Warren. “Make sure you are pointing to the community in which you reside, and when there is a need, find a way.

Members of the council say that serving the community and mankind is one of their missions.

Council president Gia Lewis, says it was a collective effort to emulate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s spirit of service.

“All of our organizations, at the core of each one is service, so we want to make sure that we are giving back to our community so that everybody could enjoy all of Pitt County,” Lewis said.

Lewis says the council included the youth group in the volunteer work as well and people of all ages can come out and participate, leaving River Park North much better than when they arrived.