Chocowinity Middle School makes history with school’s first ever wrestling team

CHOCOWINITY, N.C. (WITN) -Team unity and the beautiful sound of victory could be heard Wednesday afternoon at Chocowinity Middle School as they hosted their first ever home wrestling match for the first official team in school history.

The squad is made up of 20 wrestlers in both seventh and eighth grade, all competing in a number of different weight classes.

The sport joins a long list of athletics the school has to offer and head coach Russ Chesson, who is a former wrestler himself, believes it may be the best.

“You know not everyone is going to be a power forward on the basketball team and these guys needed something to do,” Chesson said. “I can’t think of anything that builds character more than a wrestling team.”

The team has many talented first-time wrestlers, however, there are two who specifically stand out. They are eighth graders Victoria Hombirg and Allie Brabble.

They both were some of the first students to sign up for the team and Chesson said that is a testament to who they are.

“They’re something special, they’re some of the most coachable people on team,” Chesson said. “We told Allie when she went out there to fight like a girl tonight and she did.”

Hombirg won her first match of the season and Wednesday was more of the same. She said she hopes to be an example for girls who may tryout in the future.

“Like you said girls can do the same thing as boys if they really want to put their mind to it they can,” Hombirg said. “They can do it if they really try.”

Although the team lost Wednesday’s match, Principal Kelly Makepeace feels the life lessons learned mean more.

“It has been really great for the student athletes, it keeps them grounded, it keeps them balanced,” Makepeace said. “It teaches them hard work and persistence.”

The Indians next match will be next Tuesday against North Carolina Prep.