Charlie’s First Alert Forecast: Heat and humidity climb today and tomorrow

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A strong ridge of high pressure set up to our southwest will send temperatures into the 90s again today. The high will push winds from the mountains towards the coast and as the air descends in altitude, it will heat up. Add plentiful sunshine to the mix and you have the makings of toasty temperatures across the East. The rise in humidity will make the low to mid 90s today feel more like 100-105°. We’ll repeat this heat on Wednesday before cloud cover starts to move in on Thursday.

The rain showers will trail Thursday’s clouds, arriving as isolated showers and storms Friday afternoon. The drops will increase their frequency over the weekend with Saturday sporting a 60% chance of rain and Sunday a 40% chance. The front that will be causing the rain will stall near the coast, keeping a 20-30% chance of rain in the forecast for next Monday and Tuesday. Air temperatures will be impacted by the showers, falling to the upper 80s Friday and the mid 80s through the weekend into the start of next week.

If you heading the beach over the coming days, please be mindful of the rip currents. There is HIGH RISK of rip currents from Cape Hatteras to Duck. Pay attention the rip current flags at the beach you are at.

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