Changes coming to Pitt County School bus routes

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Bus route changes are coming to Pitt County schools for the start of the new semester, but some parents feel they are finding out about these changes too late.

According to district leaders, the changes are a result of the ongoing bus driver shortage crisis. This has forced the district to rethink its routes. Some drivers have had to run double routes or drive for a school they are not affiliated with.

“Some days they are late, some days they don’t come, they don’t call or notify the parents that the bus isn’t coming so the kids have to get a ride to school,” Grandparent, Priscilla Ruffin said.

But all of that could change sooner than later. Starting Wednesday, January 24th, Pitt County schools will launch new bus routes and schedules that will impact pick-up and drop-off times for students.

“There has been a sequence of routes that have changed because those buses don’t drive from the same start location anymore. So this has changed how they flow to get the kids to and from school,” Pitt County Schools Transportation Director, Rich Hutchinson said.

The new schedule will not be perfect right off the bat according to school officials, however, it is something they will be working through. In the meantime, parents can download the EDULOG Parent Portal App to stay on top of their child’s bus routes.

“It gives a lot of information for the parents about when the bus is supposed to be there and it also allows them to track the bus on the GPS so they get a notification when the bus gets close to the bus stop,” Hutchinson said.

These changes are a result of the bus driver shortage and a new state funding model called the efficiency model which this is the first year they have had to implement it.