Carteret County Speedway holding Race of Champions to close its season Saturday

SWANSBORO, N.C. (WITN) – It’s the final and biggest race day of the season tomorrow at Carteret County Speedway. The Race of Champions starts at 2 PM on Saturday.

They held practice Friday at the track. A chance to meet some of the next generation of drivers.

“Race of Champions is the race of all races this year,” says Owner and Operator Bob Lowery, “Just tickled we got a car count that is unbelievable. We got some of the best drivers in the country.”

A big race Saturday especially for local families.

“It gives them a passion and purpose so they are not out there floundering,” says Lowery, “They are out there doing something positive and it is with their families.”

Like Morehead City’s Carsyn Gray. Who was there with her dad working on her car for practice day.

“Just being competitive. A lot of our family functions and Christmas’s revolve around racing,” says Gray, “Our whole family comes out to watch. It kind of gives you something to bond on.”

She was the only girl practicing and is motivated to hold her own this weekend.

“These boys they don’t take it easy on you one bit,” Carsyn says, “So, I’m happy to put the bumper to them, push them out the way and knock on their back bumper a little bit.”

Family fueled the passion of fellow Legends division driver Keelan Harvick.

“It definitely takes a while to get used to it,” says Keelan, “Because it is not the same as a go-cart. It takes a while to get used to and just stay calm.”

The 11-year old is the son of NASCAR legend Kevin Harvick and has been working to make a name for himself on the scene. Taking tips from Dad of course.

“A lot of tips from Dad yeah,” says Harvick, “Gas is on the right, brake is on the left that’s what he always tells me.”

13-year-old Tristan McKee also got inspired to race by his Dad who used to race motorcycles.

“Everything just tends to go away when you are in the car,” says Tristan, “You are just focused on winning and getting to the front and stuff like that.”

He is a Pro Late Model racer on the CARS Tour and is already making a name for himself just starting his teenage years.

“I was the first person to win a CARS Tour race at 12-years old,” says McKee, “At North Wilkesboro we took 4th place and then we won the Fall Brawl about a month ago at Hickory.”

All three young drivers eager to take the checkers to close out the 2023 season.

“I’m getting into the driver development program,” says McKee, “I am trying to work my way up the ranks.”

“Amazing racetrack and I hope I can get it done,” says Harvick.