Carteret County school board appeals calendar ruling

CARTERET COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – The Carteret County Board of Education held a special meeting today, spending nearly two hours in closed session with their attorney.

Upon returning to the open session, the board voted unanimously to appeal last week’s ruling concerning its school calendar.

The board altered the calendar’s start date to align with the local community college and enable students to take exams before the winter break, among other benefits.

One Carteret County mother expressed confusion over the decision to move the start date to August 13 and urged the board to clarify the school year’s start date.

“We have to have a schedule. People have to work and know where our kids must be. We have to be prepared because it will create chaos that you don’t want,” said Jerilyn Carretero, a concerned parent.

A school board member suggested state intervention, citing varying start dates across North Carolina.

“I think this issue is way beyond Carteret County. I think it’s way beyond what we are allowed to do. I think it’s a discussion that needs to be held in Raleigh to really take a deep look at to see if it’s fair across the board,” said Dana Mull, a board member.

The school board will hold another meeting in late June.