Carteret County nature preserve expands by 78 acres

CARTERET COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – A family donates a large sum of land to a Carteret County preserve to make it 201 acres.

The North Carolina Coastal Land Trust has officially expanded the Sea Gate Woods Nature Preserve by 78 acres, bringing the entire preserve to 201 acres. This land was donated by the Eudys family of Radio Island Investment, LLC.

Coastal Land Trust explained that the property had been with the Eudy family since the 1920s with Sam Morgan. The Eudy family had taken care of the land with various different jobs like pecan farming or cattle grazing ever since.

With the development of the Sea Gate preserve, the family decided it would be best left in the hands of the Sea Gate team for future generations.

“The Coastal Land Trust is ever thankful to the Eudy Family for this generous donation of 78-acres of land, the Captain Sam Morgan Preserve, named after the brother of the grandmother of Dan, Steve, and David Eudy” said Janice Allen, director of land protection. “This property will be managed as part of the Coastal Land Trust’s adjoining 123-acre Sea Gate Woods Preserve. This land meant a lot to the Eudys, who shared stories of hunting and exploring the woods there. The Eudys can be assured that the property will be forever protected from development, and the forest will grow on.”