Carolina Outdoor Journal Joe Albea & Nathan Summers debut book “Mountain Wave”

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – An eastern North Carolina native, cinematographer, outdoorsman, and producer Joe Ablea lived through two severe weather events within a week and lived to tell about it.

The book, “Mountain Wave,” is the personal story of Albea’s survival after a moose hunt in Sandy Lake, Alaska takes a turn, stranding him and three others on a lake fighting hypothermia, high-speed winds, and roaring waves.

”Mountain Wave,” tells the triumphs and tribulations of the September 1989 rescue from multiple points of view, from the four-stranded to those rescuing them.

Unfortunately, not everyone survived.

The harrowing story, strung together by the words of Albea and his co-author Nathan Summers, constructs the survival story of Albea, his partner Rob, and two guides Vic and Bob like a film builds a movie.

Just days after surviving the mountain wave, Albea returned to his home in North Carolina and was the impact of Category four Hurricane Hugo.

His co-author, Summers is an award-winning writer, columnist, and lifetime outdoorsman based in North Carolina. Summers was not on this trip but says learning the story of those who survived and the narrative of those who volunteered to save the men from hypothermia, the elements, and animals that roam the wilderness was overwhelming and powerful.

Anyone interested in getting a copy of “Mountain Wave” can do so at any local bookstore.

Autographed copies of the book can be found at the Barnes and Noble in Greenville.