Cardiac arrest survivor thanks Greenville Fire/Rescue

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – It was two years ago that Terry Herndon and his wife Carol found themselves in an unimaginable situation.

Terry and Carol, both from the Winston-Salem area, headed to Greenville for an ECU game. They decided to pack up their stuff and stay at a hotel in the area, the Holiday Inn. According to Carol, Terry started feeling sick and uncomfortable. Both still in the hotel room, Carol went to grab a cold compress for Terry and came back to find him unresponsive after him relaying that he started feeling a bit dizzy.

Carol ran out into the hallway and started yelling for help. Luckily, help was on the same hotel floor and according to Carol, nearly five people came running to perform life-saving measures.

According to Carol, after calling 911, Greenville Fire/Rescue came and brought out the AED and had to shock him around four times.

Terry and Carol stopped by Greenville Fire/Rescue on April 23rd, to thank the team that saved their life that day.

“People knew what they were doing and God’s grace. The people here at Greenville Fire/Rescue were the center of it and the people at the hotel, I survived to make it to the hospital,” Terry Herndon said.

According to Carol, Terry felt sick because he had double pneumonia. During CPR he broke 11 ribs, fractured his sternum, and had second to third-degree burns from where they shocked him. But Terry says he is just lucky to be alive.

Terry is still on the road to recovery, according to his wife Carol, who mentioned he has gone through a few different episodes since then.

“It’s just a wave of thankfulness. How did I deserve to be so lucky to survive something like this and what am I gonna do about it,” Terry Herndon said.