Camp Lejeune opens up human performance center to focus on overall wellbeing

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (WITN) – One military base has a new place where military members can brush up on their skills and learn some new ones.

Physical workouts, dietary classes, and mental training are all offered at a new facility at Camp Lejeune, which opened about two months ago.

“Our main purpose here is to help Marines and Sailors in the 2nd Marine Logistics Group become more deployable ready, and we do this through prevention using our four domains: spiritual, physical, social and mental,” said Lt. Madalyn Tomaschko, the Human Performance Program Director.

Focusing on the four pillars ensures those who train at the new facility walk away with valuable skills.

“We’re just really looking at helping Marines and Sailors, and we’re there for them. It’s not just an additional thing. We wanna work with you and help you do your job to the fullest,” said Lt.Tomaschko.

One sergeant says that group classes help strengthen their relationships, too.

“It’s a little bit more fun and social; you can build camaraderie. I’m also a martial arts instructor, so lots of times I’m just telling people what to do versus here, I can come and get in the workout,” said Sgt. James Olvera.

The center stresses working not only your body but your mind as well.

“I think it’s actually perfect, exactly what we need. A lot of Marines might do the lifting, but they neglect all the other pillars, and I think there is a good place to integrate it all,” said Sgt. Olvera.

Any 2nd MLG Marine or Sailor can take a class at the new human performance center that will teach them skills that they’re able to take back to their unit. Some of the additional classes offered at the new facility cover topics like ethics, spiritual fitness and sports psychology.