Camp Lejeune Marine’s missing registered emotional support dog returns home after 10 days

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -We have a heartwarming update to a sad story we told you about last week concerning an Eastern Carolina Marine’s missing emotional support dog.

Camp Lejeune Marine Evyn Metzig has been searching for his pit bull Nala, who went missing during a traffic accident April 6th in Jacksonville. All the worrying ended Wednesday as she finally returned home.

Metzig says Nala was right back to her normal loving and playful self during her first day back at home.

Metzig says Nala ran away as his wife was hit by a car during a traffic accident at the intersection of Commons Drive South and Mcdaniel Drive on the evening of April 6th as they were on a walk near their apartment complex.

Metzig was brought back from deployment near Norfolk, Virginia and began a daily search to find Nala, but thankfully she ended up coming back on her own Wednesday morning.

“At 3 a.m. I wake up, check the camera, and it’s Nala sitting at the door like she hadn’t been gone for 10 days,” Metzig said. “She just nonchalantly said I’m going to come back home now.”

Metzig went on to say, “This made me rethink things because things can change just like that. A regular walk with your dog in the park can change your life in a second.”

Metzig says the late night and early morning searches for Nala were worth the sweet ending to a life-changing situation for their family.