Businesses in Morehead City anticipate big week of revenue from Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (WITN) -The 66th annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is in full effect in lovely Morehead City and while this week is all about big money catches on the water, businesses are hoping for some revenue of their own.

“It’s special because like you said everyone comes together,” said Birch Dickerson, Big Rock Tournament attendee. “There’s the big fish and many attractions. Get to see the waterfront, food, and the great places.”

Walking along the Morehead City waterfront during Big Rock Tournament week is very appealing to people’s eyes due to the many restaurants and stores there are to choose from.

Since Tuesday was day two of competition for anglers, we asked people what they look forward to most when coming to the tournament.

“What I look forward to in the Big Rock Tournament is hanging out with friends, family, going to restaurants, seeing the big fish, and having ice cream,” said Ty Deacon, Big Rock Tournament attendee.

While the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament itself is the main attraction, businesses like Gulf Docks and more understand what that means for sales.

“This is the biggest I’ve ever seen it,” said James Thompson, Gulf Docks Assistant Manager. “I know everyone’s benefiting, everyone’s enjoying. We’re getting new people. A lot of people are coming back not just for the Big Rock, but for other parts.”

Day three of the tournament will continue Wednesday and will conclude for the final day Saturday.