BUDD: Senate version of National Defense Authorization Act protects Seymour F-15Es

WASHINGTON, D.C. – (WITN) – A Senate committee is telling the Pentagon to keep F-15E Strike Eagles at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

The Air Force plans to eliminate 26 F-15Es from the base in Goldsboro next year.

Sen. Ted Budd, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he was able to protect the Strike Eagles. If approved by the full Senate, Budd’s provision would block the removal of the F-15Es.

“Remember, aircraft from North Carolina’s 335th Fighter Squadron helped defend Israel by shooting down dozens of drones and missiles from Iran earlier this year,” Budd said in a statement. “And the F-15Es have received praise from our country’s top military leaders. They have called Strike Eagles phenomenal, very capable, and critical for scenarios in the Indo-Pacific.”

The House’s version of the National Defense Authorization Act passed last week. It includes a provision requiring the secretary of the Air Force and the secretary of defense to enter into contracts and report on the risks involved in divesting the aircraft.

After the Senate passes its version, the two bodies will have to iron out differences before sending it to President Joe Biden.