Breeze Airways now boarding in New Bern

NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) – Breeze Airways debuted in New Bern Friday with flights to Hartford, Connecticut, and Orlando, Florida.

The new nonstop flights will have twice-weekly service with introductory fares starting at $49 for a one-way flight if purchased by May 30th.

The CFO of Breeze Airways says they chose New Bern because of the historic city’s potential.

“Well, we seen a lot of growth down here and the airport actually is very accessible to a lot of activities that we see vacationers wanting to do,” said Trent Porter, CFO of Breeze Airways. “We’re looking at it as being an origination and destination for the markets that we serve here.”

Direct flights to and from New Bern have made traveling easier for residents of New Bern and even Floridians.

One Floridian from Orlando who arrived into New Bern via Breeze Airways says that she is thrilled that Breeze is offering direct flights to New Bern. Now she can visit her family with ease especially as she visits her great-grandfather for his 99th birthday.

“Driving here would have probably taken us two days, at least,” said Orlando resident, Katherine Ragsdale. “It would have been way more expensive to drive here with the price of gas so this was a nice, easy way to get here with my kids, especially having young kids.”

Breeze is also celebrating its third anniversary this week with a special system-wide promotion. Travelers can get thirty-three percent off all roundtrip base fares.

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