Blue Jay Recreation Center opens in Bertie County

WINDSOR, N.C. (WITN) – A pivotal moment has unfolded in one community here in the East as they celebrated the completion of a long-awaited recreation center.

The Blue Jay Recreation facility is located out in the rural part of Bertie County and now serves as a safe place for youth to thrive and for the community to get together.

Speaking of getting together, at the Blue Jay Recreation Center located off Indian Woods Road in Windsor, the Blue Jays Youth Basketball Camp now has a place to practice and play from June 3rd to June 6th. Blue Jay Recreation Trustee Anthony Rascoe says they are thrilled to finally have a dedicated space for our youth to learn, grow, and have fun.

β€œThe kids here are from all over Bertie County. We solicit through the schools so they are basically from all over Bertie,” Blue Jay Recreation Trustee, Anthony Rascoe said.

Not only will this be a place for the kids to shoot hoops, but it will also open up to the public for community events and socials. Guest speakers showed up as well including commissioners and Bertie County Sheriff Ruffin all to celebrate the community finally having a place to come together.

β€œ2018 was when we started construction of the gym and we completed the project in 2021. June 3rd to June 6th was the first time we had a large function for the kids in the facility,” Rascoe said.

The renovations were thanks to a 150 thousand dollar grant from KB Rentals and the county being the contractor.