Billion-dollar Powerball jackpot hits another milestone

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – The still-growing billion-dollar Powerball jackpot still awaits a winner, and some people are putting down big bucks hoping for that big payoff.

Abraham Rizek, the store owner said, “Had a guy come in this morning, play 312 dollars worth of Powerball tickets, I think it’s up to $1.5 billion so best of luck to him.”

Rizek says someone spending that much for one drawing is certainly one of the unique things he’s seen when it comes to the lottery in his 16 years in business.

Powerball has not had a jackpot winner in the last 34 drawings, making Monday night’s the first to have back-to-back jackpot cycles with billion-dollar grand prizes.

These peculiar circumstances with the Powerball make players more excited than usual.

Regulars say now might be the time to test your luck. Braxie Lee Cox, who has been coming to the same store to play for 20 years shared, “So, if you play though, you just might hit it.”

Players are buying tickets with big goals and ambitious plans in mind, even including store owners in those plans.

Bobby Hyman, a lottery ticket buyer told WITN, “If I hit the number, first thing I would bless them. number one, which I know they would get their cut by that so bless them and then I’d bless my loved ones. buy my mom a house and pay off all my bills.”

If there is a winner, the prize of $1.55 billion could be paid out annually over 30 years or in a lump sum of $679.8 million at once.

The odds of winning the jackpot are at 1 in 292.2 million.