Beaufort Wine and Food Festival is back again to raise money for charities

BEAUFORT, N.C. (WITN) – If you’re a foodie, wine lover, or just want a chance to give back, a festival this weekend is perfect for you.

Culinary talent, wine dinners and mingling through a fashion show, the Beaufort Wine and Food Festival offers it all

“It’s amazing energy. Leading up to the festival, we’ve got a number of events. I would say our energy for the festival peaks Saturday at our Vin de Mer event,” said Lindsay Parker, the Beaufort Wine and Food President.

While those attending Thursday through Sunday will be tasting amazing food and wine, they will also be giving back.

“We have given over $1 million back to local charities that benefit Carteret County, and we have no intentions of stopping. We’re looking forward to a great event this year,” said Parker.

Organizations like the Salvation Army and Carteret Community College are benefitting.

“This is the first building since 2005, and Beaufort Wine and Food helped us by providing funding to have the Beaufort Wine and Food patio,” said Carteret Community College Foundation Executive Director Brenda Reash.

They also have a waterfront patio and a new food truck donated by Beaufort Wine and Food, which will encourage people to enroll in culinary classes.

“We’ve had it for a couple of months now. The students have been testing the waters with lunches for the employees, and they’ve all been fabulous,” said Reash.

In fact, some Carteret Community College students will be working at some of the festival’s restaurants, serving people traveling far and wide to experience Saturday’s main event.

“They will see dozens of local and regional restaurants there. We have wineries from across the country and the winemakers attend so you can sorta meet and greet the folks,” said Parker.

Parker mentioned there are still some tickets left for Saturday’s event, so make sure to head over to their website to grab some before they sell out.

Again, this festival runs from Thursday, April 25, through Sunday, April 28, with vendors from eastern North Carolina and across the country.