Beaufort County students introduced to STEM careers & more

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WITN) – Beaufort County students are learning more about careers in STEM fields. STEM means science, technology, engineering, and math.

Beaufort County Community College hosted around 200 students Thursday to talk about everything from nursing jobs to firefighting. They had a chance to learn what a day is like for STEM jobs and get information about how to land one someday.

Inner Banks STEM Center President Alvin Powell said the day was a great chance to clear up misconceptions that students may have about careers in STEM fields.

“There’s some major misconceptions. One of which is that you need a four-year degree to have a viable STEM career. Beaufort County Community College has some exceptional two-year degree programs. The Beaufort County Schools system has a Career Technical Education program, CTE, who we work with very closely,” Powell said.

A day like Thursday hasn’t happened since 2019 because of COVID. There were several organizations there to talk to students, including representatives from Advanced Manufacturing, Nutrien, Aviant, the BCCC nursing program, and the Bunyan Fire Department.

“It can be scary if you’ve never been on a campus before, so this gives them an opportunity to see the campus, talk to some of the instructors, walk around, eat lunch here and experience a little bit of college life from the middle school perspective,” Vicki Hamill with Beaufort County Schools said. “So it’s a great introduction for them. I’m excited.”