Alligator River bridge concrete pile test begins ahead of new span

COLUMBIA, N.C. (WITN) – The replacement of a 64-year-old bridge with a new structure in Eastern Carolina is now in its beginning stages.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation says soon eighteen concrete test piles will begin in the Alligator River bed. They said this process’ results will determine the project’s next step in replacing the Lindsay C. Warren Bridge connecting Tyrrell and Dare Counties.

The DOT says that Skanska USA will be overseeing this project through guidance and engineering plans. Their plan, according to the DOT, is to replace the 64-year swing-span bridge with a modern two-lane high-rise bridge just north of the original span.

These test piles, according to the department, are heavy posts driven into the ground to act as a foundation for the bridge’s structure.

Construction on the new bridge is scheduled to begin in later this year or early next year.