After a delay in opening, ‘new’ movie theater could open as early as this month

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Golden Ticket Cinemas Greenville Grande 14 is bringing some movie firsts to Eastern Carolina.

“It’s the first Dolby Atmos 11.1 sound system in Greenville, 11.1 sound, the first 4k laser projector – It’s got the largest screen in Greenville; the seats in that auditorium have heaters in them,” said John Bloemeke, the president of Golden Ticket Cinemas.

The theater will be in the same building as the former Regal Greenville Grande, which closed in 2022 after its parent company filed for bankruptcy.

Bloemeke says they had been hoping to open around Christmas. “There are some things that were out of our control, such as supply chain issues and just delays, and getting certain pieces of equipment such as our screens,” said Bloemeke.

They may be open around the time of another sweet holiday “We’re hopeful we could open as early as the 16th of February in time for everyone to go out for Valentine’s Day and enjoy a movie out,” said Bloemeke.

With prices that Bloemeke feels are competitive. “I believe they’re much better value in this market than other theaters,” said Bloemeke.

This movie theater will also have the first Imax theater here in Eastern North Carolina. However, that is not set to open until late summer or early fall, an opening that Abigial Veazques is looking forward to.

“I’m really excited, I feel like, especially since it’s an Imax theater, and it looks a lot bigger, and I think that we get a better movie experience,” said Vazques.

Golden Ticket Cinemas will also have wings, fresh milkshakes, draft beer, and other concessions that can be delivered right to your seat.

Half of the screens at the movie theater could be opened by the 16th, with deals every Tuesday at just $5.50 a ticket.