Aces for Autism welcomes families into new facility

WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – An organization serving people affected by Autism is now extending its services to more families across the East, thanks to a new location they opened in February.

Serving people affected by Autism is a passion that turned into a reality for Aces for Autism founders, Bobbie and Kyle Robinson.

Starting in 2014, the Robinsons founded Aces for Autism following their son Samuel’s Autism diagnosis.

“Our journey really started with our son, Samuel. When he was about 16-18 months old, he was diagnosed with autism and the doctor quickly told us that in this area, in Eastern North Carolina, that there wasn’t a clinic-based ABA therapy program,” says Aces Co-Founder, Bobbie Robinson.

With the help of the community and faith, the organization has welcomed families into its new state-of-the-art facility.

Kyle Robinson, Aces for Autism Co-Founder and CEO told WITN, “It’s been great. All of our staff and children have transitioned over and have gotten adjusted to the new space so we’re starting to settle in. Our families, it was really neat to see the first day they came in, I think the parents were just as excited as the kids were.”

Aces for Autism serves over 60 Eastern Carolina families each week with the hopes of serving 200 families a week over the next 5 years, thanks to the new facility.

The new location in Winterville features a hair salon, grocery store, dentist’s office, play areas, soothing areas, classrooms, and more.

Each interactive learning room is intended to help those in their care reach their fullest potential, adapt, and contribute to everyday life.

“This new facility with all of the specialty rooms allows us to really take it to the next step in care and treatment for individuals with Autism and really hone in on those environments that they struggle in,” Kyle Robinson says.

Kajuan Supel, who works hands-on with Aces for Autism clients, says that growth is already evident in the new location, which is what he loves most. “I love seeing how far from day one until now, just seeing the amount of growth and the fact that people say ‘oh, they’re not going to be able to do it’… yes, they are, yes, they can. Just seeing them break the barriers. Just to be a part of that process, it touches my heart so much.”

As the journey of Aces for Autism continues, the Robinsons credit their faith for the organization’s growth.

Bobbie Robinson says, “The way that God carried us through our darkest moments, not knowing what to do for our own son, and being able to see how He turned that into something that glorified Him, and that we’ll be able to not only help families now but families here to come, long after we’re gone. God’s made an impact.”

The new location is over 3,200 square feet and sits on 24 acres on Worthington Drive in Winterville.

If you’d like to get involved with Aces for Autism in any way, more information can be found on their website.