AAA prepares to rescue stranded motorists during Memorial Day weekend

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – With the Memorial Day holiday upon us, AAA says it’s preparing to rescue thousands of stranded motorists across North Carolina.

It says the weekend is set to have a record number of travelers but if you plan ahead you can avoid a breakdown before it happens.

Keisha Barrett has a strategy to avoid the traffic, meeting with friends in Charlotte next weekend instead of this weekend.

“It’s a girl’s birthday weekend. So, we’re celebrating a birthday, we got an Airbnb and we’re just going to have fun, it’s like five couples, just going to have fun,” says Barrett.

But if you are hitting the roads this weekend and want to get to your destination without trouble, AAA says check your tires, battery and make sure you keep tabs of your keys, those are the top three reasons drivers call for help.

Pugh’s Tire and Service Center, Service Manager, Colby Pugh also says be sure to check fluids because weather does have an impact.

“Heat is tougher on a car on a number of things, your cooling system, your fans are always running to try to cool the vehicle down because of the heat outside and then it’s also your air conditioner, if your air conditioner goes out and it’s hot outside nobody wants to travel around sweating so,” says Pugh.

AAA says it’s also a good idea to check wiper blades and add wiper fluid, top off engine oil and other fluids and most importantly, pack an emergency supply kit.

Barrett encourages other drivers to avoid the consequences of driving a vehicle that’s not ready for the road.

“Oh, they’re taking a big chance, taking a big chance and probably a lot of unnecessary money that if they could have done it at home, they might have to pay for getting their car towed home. Just unnecessary expensive, expenses,” says Barrett.

Nationwide, AAA says it expects to rescue more than 378,000 stranded motorists, during the holiday weekend, an increase of 5% from last year.

AAA also says check the weather forecast at your destination ahead of your trip.