A Greenville church gives 700 families needing groceries a 40 lb chicken

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Koinonia Christian Center gave away food to community members here in the east through a Loving Through Feeding event.

Volunteers serving, praying, or distributing the 700 boxes filled with 40 pounds of chicken and other food items were men involved in a ministry group at the church.

“It means a lot with all this COVID, the price of everything going up ya know it’s very helpful for a lot of people in need working and nonworking,” said Sabrina Wyatt, an attendee.

Koinonia’s Staff Pastor, Trev Evans, says Saturday’s event demonstrates the love the church has for the community.

“I think it has been, as you can see a great event, and honestly it’s like this all the time, the very first time we did it the parking lot was full and so what I believe happens that people have an expectation that there not gonna feel bad about a need that they have,” said Evans.

Benjamin Moore appreciates the Loving through Feeding event. He says many are struggling with putting food on the table.

“In the times of today and the way stuff has grown like food prices and stuff in stores and gas it’s truly a blessing just because a lot of people just can’t afford, they gotta choose between gas or food or paying their rent or medicine and it’s just hard,” said Moore.

Koinonia Christian Center tells WITN they hope to have more events that bring the community to feel the love of God.

The food giveaway has been impacting for more than two decades.

“Loving Through Deeding basically was birthed out of a food bank that we already have we’ve been doing a food bank ministry at our church for the last 25 years,” said Evans.