3rd Annual Reptile Expo returns to Greenville with exotic animals

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – One event here in the east helped introduce the world of reptiles to the community.

Slithering snakes, color-changing chameleons and big frogs could be spotted at the Greenville Convention Center on Saturday.

The Mid-Atlantic Reptile Expo owner, Melissa Sell says guests were in for a treat as they got to witness an incredible variety of species from all around the world.

“You see things that came from Asia you see things that came from South America, Australia it is such a vast variety of things you never know what you’re going to see” says Sell.

People were able to browse and purchase various species of reptiles, as well as handle them under expert supervision.

In addition, there were plenty of educational resources available for those looking to learn more about these remarkable creatures.

Vendor ,Taren Fregosi says she loves the mid-Atlantic show and seeing people interact with the reptiles is the most rewarding thing.

“So getting to see kids maybe fall in love with their first frog or first cayman or fall in love with a snake for the first time is definitely it for us” says Fregosi.

Many children attended the expo on Saturday. Lilly Hartley, says she was excited for the event and had a great time.

“I would love to come back again and would definitely love to get a reptile from here because all of them are super cute…and I love them so much” says Hartley.

The Atlantic reptile expo has been doing this for ten years and this is the third year they have been in Greenville.