30 people arrested during pro-Palestine protest on UNC-Chapel Hill campus

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WRAL) – University of North Carolina Police Department says 30 pro-Palestinian protesters were taken into custody Tuesday morning after refusing to leave campus.

University police could be seen removing protesters who had set up an encampment on campus in protest of the Israel-Hamas war, according to NBC affiliate WRAL.

According to university police, protesters attempted to block UNC police vehicles by standing in front of them. After the encampment was cleared out, police said protesters pushed officers while attempting to enter South Building.

People could be seen with zip ties around their wrists being taken away by police. One person was seen being dragged by police.

Police said some of the protesters who were detained Tuesday morning are not UNC students and do not have any affiliation with the university.

The news outlet says protesters were kicked off the campus and are now heading to the Orange County jail to support those who have been taken into custody.