2024 election’s candidacy filing starts

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Candidates for the 2024 election are already getting geared up for the new year.

Monday marks the beginning of a new chapter in the political landscape, as candidates head to the election board offices to file for candidacy.

These candidates will appear on the ballots in March for the primary election with hopes of making it on to the General Election in November.

According to the Pitt County Board of Election’s director Dave Davis, the first day and the last day are the busiest days during the process for them.

“The first day you want to go ahead and get your name out there, the last day is just candidates holding out,” said Davis. “We do know some incumbents that are out of town and we are here during the holiday season, so a lot of folks are traveling and such but that there are some who are waiting to see who else is going to file.”

Davis added that the only other time candidates will have to show up will be to submit campaign finance reports.

Melvin Mclawhoran is used to this process but he says the honor he feels to serve does not fade.

“This is my fourth time and it is not difficult when you have a love for people, a love for your community and serving is what I do. I try to respect everybody’s opinion and continue to serve the people and that’s what makes it work,” Mclawhoran shared.

All local and state Senate and House of Representatives candidates residing in the county can file candidacy at the county board of elections, while all others will file at the State Board of Elections in Raleigh.