2024 Election overview for North Carolina

NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) – The highly contested November elections are just under five months away, and North Carolina is a battleground state.

Common Cause, A nonpartisan government watchdog organization has been watching the election process across the country including North Carolina, and has some concerns for voters coming this November.

Bob Phillips, Executive Director of North Carolina’s Common Cause, has expressed concerns about misinformation, election sabotage, and the removal of the three-day grace period deadline for mail-in ballots in North Carolina.

This deadline had been established by a law in 2009 but was repealed in 2023. Phillips is worried that this change could disenfranchise voters this year. Additionally, he has voiced concerns about gerrymandering.

“This election will be held with new legislative and congressional maps. We’re number one in gerrymandering, and we have new maps that were crafted in 2022 by the legislature. These will be new legislative and congressional maps across the state, and that can sometimes mean a change in early voting sites” says North Carolina Common Cause executive director Bob Phillips.

A member of Craven County’s Board of Election says she believes that there will be a huge turnout like in 2020 and doesn’t believe that the new voter ID requirements will persuade voters from coming out.

For more information on requirements for the upcoming election in Craven County click here