2-year-old loses part of his finger at Farmville daycare

FARMVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – The parents of a 2-year-old boy are demanding answers after they say he lost part of his finger at daycare.

Last Tuesday, Tonishia Anthony said she dropped her son off at Rising Stars of Farmville just like any other day, until hours later she got a message on the daycare’s app, asking her to return because Se’awn Sutton had hurt his finger.

“When I got there, his hand was wrapped in tissue and tape and his teacher took it off and that’s when I saw,” Anthony said. “Like I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know it was that bad until I took him to the emergency room.”

Gruesome pictures posted on Facebook by Anthony show Se’awn in the hospital with part of his ring finger missing completely.

“I didn’t take heed that it was that bad until I seen it myself,” Se’awn’s dad Shawn Sutton said. “Pictures don’t describe how bad it was.”

According to Anthony, the remainder of the finger was put in a bag of water by the daycare and despite numerous efforts from surgeons to re-attach the finger, they had no luck.

“He doesn’t have that part of his finger anymore,” Anthony said.

Sutton said it was a tough scene to watch.

“Just to hear your child crying, begging, saying ‘come get me, pick me up, help me’, and you can’t do anything,” Sutton said. “4-5 nurses holding him down, it’s just a procedure he has to go through, you just kind of have to fight it, but it is probably the hardest thing you can hear.”

The parents were told his injury was from his finger being accidentally shut in a door. WITN attempted to contact the daycare, but they said they were unable to speak at this time.

“Our child’s accident could have been prevented,” Sutton said.

Mom and Dad are now searching for answers as Se’awn’s recovery continues.

“He doesn’t understand what happened so he’ll say, “It hit me,” and he’ll point to his hand and that’s his way of telling me it hurts,” Anthony said.

Anthony said they have since received many gifts and toys for Se’awn from across the U.S. and now have a GoFundMe page for his recovery.

According to the NCDHHS, they are aware of the situation and are considering their next steps.