19th annual economic forecast luncheon

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Greenville has more jobs and its small businesses are getting more customers. that’s just some of what Chamber of Commerce leaders are saying about the city’s outlook for this year

Chamber of Commerce leaders say Greenville’s future is bright…..

Wages, jobs, and houses are just some of the topics of discussion at the economic forecast on Thursday.

President and CEO of Greenville-Pitt County Commerce, Trent McGee says,” So this is our 19th annual economic forecast luncheon and this event is put on every year to represent the business community a chance to come out and hear about the direction that our local state and nation economy is headed and to learn about the economic indicators they can look out for that maybe will impact their businesses in 2024.”

McGee says the economy seems to be headed in a positive direction – and that some people didn’t expect 2023 to be as good as it was. Greenville enc Alliance president also spoke at the luncheon – and said he feels optimistic about 2024, but there are still some uncertainties.

” The forecasts are positive but there are some uncertainties and the major one that impacts people’s lives is housing and cost so is inflation going to go back down to the two-and-a-half percent range or are housing incomes going to grow or are housing costs going to stabilize or decrease and our interest rates going to fall those are all uncertainties”, Says Lewis.

Lewis says he hopes to see more housing developments and more amenities in the city in 2024.

Lewis added that things like higher wages and more access to jobs can help lower poverty and crime rates – he believes that’s the direction we’re headed this year.