11-year-old dies in Pasquotank County after being pinned underneath an ATV

PASQUOTANK COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – An 11-year-old has died after police say he was pinned underneath an all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

Friday, around 4 p.m., the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office said they went to the 1300 block of Lynch’s Corner Road in reference to an ATV crash. When deputies arrived, they were directed to where the Newland Volunteer Fire Department and Pasquotank Camden EMS had arrived.

During the investigation, deputies say they learned that the 11-year-old was operating the ATV by himself and was last seen Friday around 3:00 p.m. An hour later, his family began looking for him and called for help when they found out that he had been involved in a crash.

According to Sheriff Tommy Wooten, the investigation into the crash revealed that the ATV had rolled onto its left side pinning the boy underneath the ATV. Wooten says he was not wearing a helmet or using the equipped seatbelt on the ATV. The Pasquotank-Camden EMS was able to access the 11-year-old after he was freed but Wooten says the boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wooten says the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office is sending its condolences to the family during this difficult time.