1 dead, 2 seriously injured from weather-related damage in Catawba County

CLAREMONT, N.C. (WBTV) – One person is dead, and two others were seriously injured in Catawba County due to weather-related damage, according to multiple sources.

Officials advised multiple homes were damaged, and a fallen tree was reported along Evening Drive near Morning Drive.

Photos showed the extreme damage from the line of storms.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety mobilized Task Force 3 out of Charlotte to Claremont. Task Force 3 can breach and break heavy concrete and wood frame structures.

Type III task forces can provide the following:

  • Up to 40 personnel
  • Two Type III task forces can combine to become a Type I task force
  • Completely self-sufficient for 72 hours
  • Designed to maintain 12-hour-a-day operations
  • Can respond with smaller response packages based on incident requirements
  • Capabilities include heavy concrete breaching and breaking, in addition to wood frame structural responses

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